Was just recently reading a study where they force fed rats a typical diet of refined sugars (see also: chocolate cake) and looked at the rats for 14 weeks.

The rats weighed about the same.

They even looked the same from the naked eye.

But when they filleted open the rats to look at their livers they noticed an interesting thing.

(Pic below for the non-squeamish)


The diet had caused hepatic steatosis AKA fatty liver (one on right).

The livers were enlarged and pale in color.

In fact, the rats were at the early stages of more serious liver diseases such as cirrhosis (not good at all).

Not only do the numbers not lie when it comes to Fatty Liver checking your blood for signs in  biomarkers – there’s no denying the way the livers actually look.

In roughly 3 months.

Did you know if you’re overweight you have an 80% chance of already having Fatty Liver Disease (FLD)?

Did you know FLD doesn’t care if you drink or not?

Did you know that it’s the #1 cause for Liver Transplant and Liver Disease in this country?

The Bad News is your diet is likely worse than the rats that got FLD.

The Good News is there are ways to reverse the damage and have your Liver back in shape working for you instead of pulling you into an early grave.

Which rats liver would yours look like?

Be honest with yourself.

Are you overweight, eating poorly, not exercising, can’t remember the last time you had blood work done?

Go ahead and lie to yourself, it’s your liver.

It’s never too late to change your wicked ways.

You can begin by signing up for blood work with “CHEKD“, doing exactly what is recommended by a Fatty Liver Disease expert while learning (and not straying), and implementing as rapidly as possible. 

Seems easy enough.

(And it’s a lot easier to fix than you think).

Act Accordingly.

For a more photogenic liver, here’s the link: