Episode 19 of the Ask Jim and Jay Show featuring Dr. Aaron Grossman covers topics ranging from testosterone and it’s cost to the importance of thyroid health, and also answer questions submitted by the audience

1:30 – Introductions
4:30 – The cost of TRT
11:30 – “Never sacrifice what you want most for what you want in the moment.”
16:30 – Taking your health seriously and making it priority #1
20:30 – Women divorcing men because of low testosterone
23:10 – The importance of thyroid
29:30 – Immediate benefits of T3 and thyroid
35:00 – What does thyroid do for the body?
39:10 – Recommendations for getting TRT in Canada
43:30 – Supplements that most people are deficient
46:30 – Negative things that can happen in the guy biome
54:00 – If it fits your macros diet
1:06:30 – If you’re on metformin also take b12
1:08:30 – Supplements revisited
1:16:00 – Only buy supplements that clearly label their ingredients
1:20:30 – Supplements revisited
1:24:15 – Supplements that the crew recommends
1:26:20 – Thanks for watching

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