The range value of male testosterone has been lowered, What this means and how it affects you! Jim, Jay & Dr. Grossman GSD Mode Podcast Episode 24. A major blood testing company has decided to lower the range value of testosterone in men. What this means, how this affects you, and what you can do to be sure this doesn’t negatively impact you! Don’t miss this episode!

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0:01 – Introduction
1:35 – Labcorp has decided to lower the range value of testosterone in men
4:10 – People aged 19-39 are fatter and have higher estrogen levels than they’ve ever had
12:00 – The toxicity of the study that made that decision
21:00 – Viewer comment: Lack of quality care in Europe
27:00 – Go get your blood work done
31:20 – Viewer comment: Had to visit 7 doctors in Germany to get what he was looking for
33:00 – Viewer question: Will these new parameters be enforced?
41:30 – “One economic crash in country will cause a train reaction” – Jay
50:30 – Jay talks about leaving church at 7 years old
53:30 – Viewer Comment on religion
56:30 – Latest updates from CHEKD
58:00 – Outro

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