“Life Expectancy For Americans Is Declining… Here Is What You Can Do To Personally Increase It” Ask Jim, Jay & Dr. Grossman Show. For the first time in decades, the average life expectancy of Americans has declined… We discuss why this is happening and what you can personally do to combat it!

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00:45 – Introduction
2:40 – “the life expectancy in the United States drops for the first time in decades”
6:40 – Why does school teach everyone how to enhance disease processes?
9:50 – “Everyone today is suffering from some type of energy misuse”
14:00 – Is nutrition enough to counteract a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits?
20:00 – Why don’t people stick to healthy habits after having a health threatening surgery?
26:00 – When is the last time any of the crew was sick or ill?
33:00 – “I like the game at Costco where I look at everybody else’s cart”
35:40 – What are the top 3 supplements people can take to enhance their health?
40:10 – Staying away from sugars will change your tastebuds to make you not want them anymore
46:00 – Canola Oils and related products are some of the most unhealthy things Americans are intaking
53:00 – You have to choose to be pro-active and to optimize your lifestyle based on your surroundings
1:00:00 – What would you recommend in order to get your 3 grams of Omega-3 a day?
1:01:20 – Viewer question: “Are there benefits to taking an ice-cold shower in the morning?”
1:07:00 – Viewer question: “Sexual drive decreased, blood work in mid-500’s, any advice or tips?”
1:12:00 – Viewer comments


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