Hormone and Overall Optimal Health For Men and Women

Featuring Jay Campbell of TRTRevolution.com, Joshua Smith of GSDMode.com, Jim Brown, and Dr. Aaron Grossman.


-Why is it so important to understand your bloodwork?

-Help prevent disease before it is too late.

-The goal of the standard physician is looking for whats going on now and not in the future.

-There’s an issue with woman who have been on birth control for a long time, and its shutting down their system and bringing menopause on sooner than it should be.

-Millennials are naturally becoming more feminine.

-PTSD, concussions and other sport related injuries bring you to a higher risk of testicular failures.

-Eating correct ammounts of fruit is great, but eating other fruit products is way too much concentrated fruit and high fructose corn syrup.

-“You’re only as old as your blood vessels”

-“Most people don’t appreciate their health, until they don’t have their health”.