This episode is a few years ahead of it’s time.

P.D. Mangan of and Author of Dumping Iron joins Dr. Leo Zacharski, The WORLD AUTHORITY in Ferritin and Iron Research, and myself for a tour de force on the latest groundbreaking research that will possibly add decades to your life.

We take a sneak peak first-look at Dr. Zacharski’s Magnum Opus of Ferritin Research and how it’s involved in nearly every major disease.

More importantly, we discuss how you can specifically optimize your Ferritin and Iron levels, and literally add YEARS to your life.

This episode is not a Low-IQ episode and certainly not for lightweights.

This is as Red Pill as blood testing gets.

I’m predicting now that this episode will go down as legendary – take notes.

To find out how you can get your Ferritin levels checked and what to do about levels outside of the “Golden Range” discussed in this episode visit