Episode 21 of the Ask Jim and Jay Show featuring Dr. Aaron Grossman covers many topics spanning from tips on how to stay on a healthy eating plan, the importance of proper nutrition while working out, the extensive Metformin studies, as well as the different types of vitamin b12 and what types to use and so much more! Don’t let this one pass by, check it out!

1:20 – Introduction
2:40 – Tips to sticking to a great eating plan
5:00 – Struggling with cravings
9:10 – Working out with proper nutrition
16:00 – Importance of red meat in their diets
22:00 – Problems with AI and hunger
29:10 – Diabetics vs. Non Diabetics training in fasted state
31:00 – The squad gets called out by an audience member
37:30 – Collagen Experimentation
42:10 – Slow twitch vs. fast twitch training
43:50 – Most effective way to train in sets
49:00 – Metformin studies being across the board
53:00 – Knowing the risks of Metformin because it’s been studied so extensive
57:10 – Different types of Vitamin b12
1:00:00 – When estrogen is high, what dose of anastrozole should be taken?
1:05:20 – Outro and how to get in touch


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