If you haven’t been following, there was a massive dam leak in California this past week.

Residents of the town of Oroville – nearly 200,000 – were evacuated after the tallest dam in the country started to erode.

So many lessons to take from here.

The big takeaway is how the local authorities and government were “Hurricane Katrina” levels of wrong in forewarning the local population, bordering on deception.

This inverse chicken-little effect happened nearly the entire week.

People called the California Department of Water Resources all week concerned, and were told repeatedly that there was nothing to worry about.

Until this happened.

Picture this dam bursting 100X this level in a major metro area and you have the perfect analogy of the current health system. 

“Nothing to see here folks.” 
“Just take one of these a day and you’ll be fine.” 
Or my personal favorite, “If you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too.” 
In fact, health is the most pervasive clown-filled space there is. 
Shysters, snake-oil this, ‘Bulletproof’ that – they must really think you’re too dumb to see it. 
The only problem is the wall of water that comes doesn’t have a spillway. 
It’s an issue that builds up internally until it’s too late. 
Just like the dam bursting, there are signs that show up before it’s too late. 
Instead of erosion, and rising water levels…decreased hormones, rising inflammatory markers, suboptimal thyroid levels, etc, etc. 
If you think your doctor or a government health agency is going to make sure you get these things dialed in or know where to even start looking – well, then I have some new waterfront property to sell you in Oroville, California. 
Time to really ask yourself if you need to be evacuated from what’s going on inside you right now…don’t end up like a 2005 New Orleans or a 2017 Oroville.