AGMD Episode #5- Nutrition 101 - Adrenal, Hormonal & Metabolic Health with Nutritionist Stephanie Solaris and Aaron Grossman, MD

On AGMD #5 we interview Personalized Nutrition Program Specialist, Stephanie Solaris. She’s the Founder & Director Solaris Whole Health, based in Bernardsville, NJ, while she also personalizes nutrition programs for clients nationally.

To personalize your own nutrition plan or schedule a consultation with Stephanie, and to find more information about Stephanie Solaris & Solaris Whole Health visit her website

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Show Notes:

-34:32 How Stephanie Got Into Nutrition

-32:05 How Stephanie Healed Herself Through Nutrition Which Led Her To Heal Others

-30:02 Solaris: “Dr. Titlebaum wrote a great book called From Fatigue to Fantastic, and he basically talked about something called The Shine Principle, and talked about how all of these systems are interrelated: your immune system, your sleep, your hormones, your nutrition, your exercise and movement. And he started trying to break down what that was. What we do at Solaris Whole Health is we treat the system, not the symptom. And that’s what functional medicine, as it’s become to be, looks at: A functional way at looking at how someone’s system is working together in tandem with each other, not looking at one piece and fixing it, and thinking that another piece is disconnected.”

-28:23 Stephanie’s perfect picture of health: “3 things: We have to move everyday, sleep everyday, and eat everyday, and if we do those three things, everything else will come into play.”

-26:23 Solaris: “Shared knowledge creates change.”

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19:45 Dr. Grossman: “What are some things people can do for their own health and what are some issues you’re seeing that may cause a breakdown.”

Solaris: “The first thing that comes to mind when you ask that, Aaron, is paying attention. People are so focused on getting a job done that they forget about our bodies, and our bodies talk to us…Pay attention to and listen to your body, and respond in kind. Start a relationship with a body and yourself.”


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