AGMD Episode #4- The Deadly Truth About Iron, Iron Supplementation, Iron Deficiency, Iron Blood Test with Aaron Grossman MD & Dr. Leo Zacharski

In this episode we discuss what may very well be the most important research study being performed right now regarding iron in the diet and it’s role in longevity. Dr. Leo Zacharski, a renowned professor at Dartmouth Medical School, makes a very clear case why high ferritin levels could cause premature death and disease.

Ferritin transports iron, which plays a role in oxidation – The same oxidation that turns copper pennies green and rusts a bicycle. Oxidation inside the body is known to be very bad for health. But until recently, nobody knew just how bad it was or to actually treat it.

Dr. Z believes excess iron is the cause of oxidation inside the body and is responsible for many premature deaths.

“Iron is an essential nutrient that allows the body to metabolize oxygen to generate energy for all our life functions. When a person has excess iron, it begins to oxidize and effects nearby molecules from lipids, to proteins, and  even DNA- structure and function are altered.”

Instead of a piece of metal getting rusty, imagine this happening to your cell walls and DNA.

Iron in the body is related to ferritin. Ferritin is a marker of the total amount of iron in the body, and the higher a person’s ferritin level, the lower their chances of living to an old age.

One Danish study showed that those with higher ferritin levels died much earlier, in some cases by twenty years. The only sure-fire way to reassure that there’s not an excess of ferritin and iron in YOUR body is through a blood test.